les georges leningrad

Garage rockband Les Georges Leningrad are from Montreal, Quebec. The covered The Residents' 'Constantinople' on their "Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou" album from 2002. The album has been re-released at least once, and is also available for download through alien8.


  les georges leningrad: les georges leningrad
    (2002, ep, -, ??)
  les georges leningrad: deux hot dogs moutarde chou
    (2002, cd, canada, les records coco cognac) - incl.'constantinople' (the residents)

  les georges leningrad: sur les traces de black eskimo
    (2004, ??, -, alien8)
  les georges leningrad: sangue puro
    (2006, ??, -, dare to care records)






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