arno hintjens

belgian rock-star arno  hintjens is fascinated by captain beefheart.  in total he has recorded two beefheart tracks.  both of these van vliet compositions have been performed live on various occasions as well, radio sessions included.


  charles et les lulus: charles et les lulus
    (1991, cd, ger, virgin 261.722) - incl.'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet)

  arno & the subrovnicks: water
(1994, cd, fr, delabel 7243 8400702 7) - incl. 'hot head’ (van vliet)

  arno & the subrovnicks: à eux je montre mon derrière
    (1994, cd5", france, delabel 892732-2) - incl. 'hot head'  (van vliet)

arno_aeuxjemontre.jpg (27736 bytes)

  arno: give me the gift   //  compilation album
    (1997, cd, ??, caroline records / gift x) - incl. 'hot head' (van vliet)

  arno: le best of arno
    (2001, 2cd, eu, delabel 8103812)
- incl.'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet) performed live

  arno: covers cocktail
    (2008, cd, bel, emi 5099920692520) - incl. 'hot head' & 'gimme that harp boy' (van vliet)

  arno: best of 3cd
    (2009, 3cd, bel, emi 5 099996 442722) - incl. 'hot head'  (van vliet)

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