allan holdsworth and alan pasqua featuring chad wackerman and jimmy haslip

- feat.chad wac

2007 dvd usa altitude digital productions

recorded september 29, 2006 at the 'yoshi's jazz & sushi club' in oakland, ca, usa

alan holdsworth: guitar
alan pasqua: keyboards
chad wackerman: drums
jimmy haslip: bass

  1. the 5th  (wackerman)
  2. looking glass  (holdsworth)
  3. fred  (holdsworth)
  4. it must be jazz  (pasqua, holdsworth, haslip, wackerman)
  5. blues for tony  (pasqua)
  6. san michele  (pasqua)
  7. pud wud  (holdsworth)
  8. protocosmos  (pasqua)
  9. red alert  (pasqua, holdsworth, haslip, wackerman, newton)