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Frank Zappa's 'Ruth Is Sleeping' was performed and recorded by the Ensemble Modern as part of their "The Yellow Shark" project. It was first realised as a synclavier piece in the early '80s. Another arrangement of this piece was done by Ali J. Askin for one piano, four hands. It was premiered in this version on two pianos by Ensemble Modern in 1993. The Zappa Foundation permitted Michael Kieran Harvey to transcribe 'Ruth Is Sleeping' for one player for its premiere performance in this version at the 38th Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music in 1995. He presented the work again at the 1996 Adelaide Festival.

Michael Kieran Harvey recorded Frank Zappa's 'Ruth Is Sleeping' on his "Storm Sight" album. It got released in 2001.

Michael Kieran Harvey composed "48 Fugues For Frank" as a hommage to the life and work of Frank Zappa. It was premiered during the "Mona Foma Festival of Music and Art 2010" (curated by Brian Ritchie) at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, The Bond Store in Hobart on 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 January 2010.
March 2010, the pieces got recorded at the Move Records studio. They got released on CD later the same year.


  michael kieran harvey: storm sight
    (2001, cd, australia, abc 461 723-2) - incl. 'ruth is sleeping' (frank zappa)

  michael kieran harvey: 48 fugues for frank
    (2010, cd, australia, move records) - a hommage to the life and work of frank zappa
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