yumi hara

In 2008 Hugh Hopper and Yumi Hara teamed up as HUMI and released "Dune" on the MoonJune Records label.
In 2010 Geoff Leigh and Yumi Hara released "Upstream" on the MoonJune Records label.
Later the same year, Yumi Hara and Tony Lowe released "Dream of the Gryllidae".
And December 2010 saw the release of another project that Yumi Hara participated in: The Mammal Machine: "Mitsugi" - Esoteric Rituals.

Performed at Zappanale, July 2018, with Lindsay Cooper Songbook.




  hugh hopper and yumi hara cawkwell: dune
    (2008, cd, usa, moonjune records  mjr0019)

humi_dune.jpg (33073 bytes)

  geoff leigh & yumi hara: upstream
    (2010, cd, usa, moonjune records  mjr027)

leigh_hara_upstream.jpg (31898 bytes)

  yumi hara & tony lowe: dream of the gryllidae
    (2010, cd-promo, uk, academy recordings)

yumi_hara_tony_lowe_dream.jpg (22814 bytes)

  mammal machine: "mitsugi" - esoteric rituals
    (2010, cd, japan, captain trip records)

mammalmachine_esotericrituals.jpg (27868 bytes)

  yumi hara cawkwell & sato yukie: ride a white rabit
    (2010, cdr-promo, ??, kootownrecords kooc-04)

yumihara_rideawhiterabbit.jpg (21283 bytes)

  yumi hara cawkwell: statement heels
    (2011, cd, uk, bonobo's ark records bar002)

yumi_hara_statementheels.jpg (80612 bytes)

  the artaud beats: logos
    (2015, cd, uk, bonobo's ark records bar004)

artaudbeats_logos.jpg (28329 bytes)

  jump for joy! : bat pullover
    (2016, cd, uk, bonobo's ark records bar005) - feat. yumi hara, chris cutler, geoff leigh
jumpforjoy_batpullover.jpg (13514 bytes)
  the artaud beats: nodutgang. bodo 28.10.11
    (2018, cd, uk, bonobo's ark records bar007)
  daevid's you, me & us: rain check
    (2018, dvd, uk, bonobo's ark records bar008) = daevid allen, chris cutler and yumi hara
  the watts: decoherence
    (2019, cd, uk, bonobo's ark records bar009) = yumi hara, tim hodgkinson and chris cutler






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