i fratelli di mascia aka de break a dabrians

Italian band I Fratelli Di Mascia AKA De Break A Dabrians recorded Frank Zappa's 'The Grand Wazoo' in the winter of 2001. The track can be found on a Frank Zappa tribute album.


  various artists: unmatched absolutely five & sex
    (2002, cd, spain, hall of fame records hof-020-cd) feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
  various artists: unmatched series: vol.1 - 6
    (2014, 6cdr, spain, hall of fame records hof - 103-boxcd) feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

unmatched_series.jpg (38746 bytes)

  various artists: unmatched - le grand oiseau
    (2017, cd, spain, hall of fame) - feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

unmatched_legrandoiseau.jpg (37333 bytes)



  Davide Tagliapietra: lead & rhythm guitar
  Franco Moruzzi: drums, percussion, vocals
  Giampaolo Gianese: harp, vocals    lagunable
  Massimo Sambo: rhythm & stunt guitar, vocals
  Giorgio Salvadego: bass
  Alessandro Pizzin: organ, vocals
  The Trio Panfido
    Danilo Scaggiante: baritone sax
    Ferruccio Toffoletto: alto & sorprano sax
    Lorenzo Bellini: tenor sax & brass section conductor
  The Coro Mestrepolitano
    Ermanno Moro: vocals
    Francesco Nardo: vocals
    Domenico Meggiato: bocals

produced by Alessandro Pizzin for PHMA and DK

recorded winter 2001 at 'Collage Studio', Spinea, Venice, Italy


random notes

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From: Giorgio Salvadego <salvadeg@tin.it>
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 11:48 AM

Davide Tagliapietra also happens to be the lead guitar player for top-chart italian hip-hop/rap singer Tiziano Ferro. He's the only pro musician of the band.

Currently I am also the bass player for another Italian band (which appear on volume sex of "Unmatched" with the Italian cover of "Crew Slut"), I have replaced three years ago the bass player which appear on the track).

* * *


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