Polish band Indukti was scheduled to take part in the 2007 edition of the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany, but it didn't happen. They were re-scheduled, and performed at the 2008 edition.

Line up


  indukti: s.u.s.a.r.
    (2003, cd, poland, ??)
  indukti: zappanale 19
    (2008, dvdr, germany, private release)
  various artists: zappanale 19
    (2009, mp3-dvd, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions
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from wikipedia:

Indukti is a progressive metal band from Poland. The five member band has a distinct sound that is designed to stimulate the listener's imagination and provide them with a unique listening experience. Indukti's debut album, S.U.S.A.R., seems to draw as much from classical music as modern progressive rock and metal. S.U.S.A.R. has been well received among the progressive rock and metal fans around the world.

Mariusz Duda of their fellow Polish band, Riverside, provides vocals and Anna Faber plays harp to complete the sound.

Indukti has performed at many concerts and festivals, including NEARfest 2007 and Baja Prog Festival 2007.

2008 07 31
I asked Indukti a couple of questions regarding their upcoming concert at the Zappanale festival.

UniMuta: Did you know the Zappanale festival before you got invited?

Indukti: Yes, we knew about that festival even before we had our first live gig in Germany. Some of us are huge fans of Frank Zappa, and we hope that you can hear it in some parts of our music.

UniMuta: A lot of the bands that will be playing at the festival will perform the music of Frank Zappa. How about Indukti?

Indukti: Well, actually, we don't play Frank Zappa covers, but we do think that we have something in common with his music. We don't play any genre of music, we just have fun and mix music genres. We do sofisticated crossovers :-)

UniMuta: I noticed on your MySpace page that Indukti is playing a lot of festivals? How has the reaction been so far?

Indukti: It has been great everytime. We are a pretty new band, so every music festival is our first one. And everytime we have a great audience. It's amazing when people listen to us for the first time and they have such spontaneous reactions.:-)

UniMuta: Bad Doberan is not too far away from Poland. Is there a difference between playing in, for example, the USA, and playing in the neighbourhood of Poland?

Indukti: There is no difference at all. Everything depends on the universal way how people feel and react to music. We see no differences in continents or countries.

UniMuta: Do you like playing at festivals, or do you prefer club / concert hall concerts?

Indukti: It all depends on the audience.:-)
We need a response from them. After that, we come out from the stage shaking of emotions.:-)

UniMuta: Your MySpace page also mentions the new, scheduled album. Is there any progress on this new album? Does it have priority? When do you think that it will be ready.

Indukti: It has been 5 years since our first album got released.. We hope that the new album will be out next autumn.
We also hope to see some Zappa fans on our live tour we plan with Prisma (Swiss band) in November.

UniMuta: Thank you & see you in Bad Doberan!

Indukti: Thank you, and we hope all of you will have a great time at Zappanale!  :-)

Indukti will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Friday 2008 08 15, at 19:30 h






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