infra steff

more music from the gas station

1988 cd switzerland ex libris verlag cd 4011

includes a roadmap & special artwork by cal schenkel

composed, directed & produced by stefan signer

lyrics: moses brown

  hedwig fassbender: mezzo soprano
  taffanel quintet
  andré kerver: clarinet
  albert sidler: piano

  1. "trust me - 3.40 a.m."
    (incl. 'intonarumori', invention for four small machines dedicated to luigi russolo, bruiteur futuriste italien)
    albert sidler: piano
  2. "meyer lansky - 1947"
    passages for Bb-clarinet & other mafia for wind ensemble & percussion
    the gas station chamber ensemble, conducted by jim gordon, NL
  3. "nan's luncheonette, part I"
    the wong percussionists plus piano
  4. "trust me - in the name of reverend kamm"
    for mezzosoprano solo
    hedwig fassbender: mezzo soprano
  5. "nan's luncheonette, part II"
    for brass quartet
    the haarlem brass quartet
  6. "theme for the blue moon motor court & lodge"
    short musical drama for mezzo soprano, violin, oboe, bassoon and serious cocktail combo
    the gas station chamber ensemble, conducted by olivier cuendet, CH
  7. "trust me - the reader's digest version of the truth"
    for wind-quintet
    taffanel quintet