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The International Street Cannibals is a collective of acclaimed and untamed instrumentalists, singers, composers, videographers, audio technicians, dancers, puppeteers and visual artists, directed by Dan Barrett with Assistant-Director Chala Yancy, Dance Director Megan Sipe, Technical Director Tyler Learned. In the spirit of Montaigne's 1580 essay, "Of Cannibals," in which the French philosopher derides the status distinctions and disingenuous mores of the contemporary society of his time, the ensemble presents a mix of fresh compositions and the more arresting in classical music, showcasing diverse modalities while challenging assumptions about the concert space. 

Since its inception in 2005, ISC has made as its performance homes the main dance space of St Mark's in-the-Bowery, The Outreach Festival (Schwaz, Austria), The Player's Theatre (NYC), and has performed at  Le Poisson Rouge, St. Mark's in-the-Bowery, the Austrian Cultural Forum, HOWL! Festival (New York), and the legendary boxing ring, Gleason's - home of 127 world champions - in which ISC holds its annual STRIKE! concert series.
ISC can be heard on two CDs released in 2010-11 by Composers Concordance Records: Ballets & Solos (Music by Dan Cooper, Part Hardish, Otto Luening, Joseph Pehrson and Gene Pritsker), and The International Street Cannibals Present The Music of Gene Pritsker. Composers Concordance Records/Naxos will release Non Western Omelette (Music by Luciano Berio, Dan Cooper, Paul Hindemith, Guillaume de Machaut/Barrett, Dary John Mizelle, Arvo Pärt, Gene Pritsker, James "Nyoraku" Schlefer, and Tyrolian folk tunes) in Sept 2013, and Beethoven: Works for Pianoforte and Violoncello (Twelve Variations on a Theme from Judas Maccabaeus; Grand Sonata, Opus 64, in D major; Sonata, Opus 17, in F major) performed by Dan Barrett on cello and Joshua Pierce on piano, in fall of 2013.

May 5, 2013, The ISC performed Captain Beefheart's 'When I See Mommy, I Feel Like A Mummy'.


  the international street cannibals ensemble: ballets & solos
    (2010, cd, usa, composer concordance records comcon001)

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  the international street cannibals: solo - duo - trio - quartet - quintet - the chamber and electronic music of gene pritsker
    (2010, cd, usa, composers concordance records comcon003)

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  • 2013/05/05 concert 'Drom', NYC, New York, USA

The International Street Cannibals (ISC), the multi-genre new music ensemble of seasoned and exploratory chamber musicians/composers, directed by Dan Wotan Barrett, and co-directed by Chala Yancy and guest co-director Joe Gallant, will crown its 2012-13 season with Hour of The Beast, on Sunday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. A 2-hour mosaic of short works plumbing the sensibility of totemistic belief, this butt-kicking event will set the rawest modes of rock against classic techniques, in an ungovernable melange of incongruous transcriptions and new music compositions from some of today's most establishment-unfriendly composers. The course of this incendiary hullabaloo will usher in the dance components of Megan Sipe and Amanda Mottur, bellydancer, which will serve to "translate" the music, spatially. Among the tidbits of this savage musical repast will be renderings of several Beethoven Bagatelles with piano, belly dance and electro/acoustic ensemble; a malformed chamber version of Captain Beetheart's "When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy" with go-go dancer;  a schizo-affective rendering of Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs' "Wooly Bully"; a recitation, in the original Ionic dialect, accompanied by tribalistic sonorities, of Homer's Hymn to Demeter; and some solo bijoux by Mr Kigawa. Hour of The Beast is part of ISC's Holding Tank series, which offers a mix of traditional and non-traditional chamber works by European masters, contemporary American composers and satirists, as well as improvised and semi-staged works exploiting the spatial qualities of venues in novel ways.

Musicians for Hour of The Beast include Taka Kigawa (piano), Dave Taylor (bass trombone), Linda Wetherill (flute,  alto flute), Chala Yancy, Mioi Takeda and Annette Homann (violin), Leo Grinhauz (cello), Joe Gallant (6-string bass guitar), Cesare Papetti (drum kit, djembe, and dumbek); and Dan Barrett (recitation, vocals, conductor). Dancer/choreographers are Megan Sipe, and Amanda Mottur - belly dancer. Technical/stage director for Hour of The Beast is Tyler Learned.




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