rudy trouvé / intige taluure

newtons flat fidelity vol.1

2016 k7 bel bananafishin' records 007

limited edition of 75 copies

rudy trouvé
intige taluure
  jay phlitman
  kim kang
guest: eno duchateau: voice b3, b4

lyrics by rudy trouvé and jay phlitman
music by rudy trouvé, jay phlitman and kim kang
  (a1, a2, a6, a7, b5 & b6 started by rudy trouvé and finished by intige taluure)
  (a3, a4, a5, b1, b2, b4 & b7 started by intige taluure and finished by rudy trouvé)

side a

  1. la kermesse héroique
  2. esther rabies
  3. hallelujah the pill
  4. :ountain glue
  5. gideon & cowboy
  6. mon sac de chez hermes
  7. a typical day at the mr. eyeball usa contest, tuesday march 15th, 1971

side b

  1. alfred's third dream (from the right)
  2. the great sobriety
  3. murnau balls
  4. "have gun - will travel"
  5. we love you, montana
  6. l'australie, ça chauffe bien
  7. caramc (circle)