plus instruments / intige taluure

newtons flat fidelity vol.2

2017 k7 bel bananafishin' records 008

limited edition of 75 copies

plus instruments
  truus de groot
intige taluure
  jay phlitman
  kim kang

words and music by truus de groot, jay phlitman and kim kang
  (a1, a3, a5,b1 & b5 started by plus instruments and finished by intige taluure)
  (a2, a4, b2, b3, b4 & b6 started by intige taluure and finished by plus instruments)

side a

  1. legendary birthmarks
  2. chandeliers of meat
  3. people are stupid
  4. backscratching tentacles
  5. sjeik el pfff

side b

  1. curtain call
  2. i know you would not
  3. it's the dandruff
  4. thelong run
  5. free the concrete
  6. caramac (a message for you)