intige taluure

tiger! tiger! steer clear of heaven

201 lp bel bananafishin' records 009

limited edition of 198 numbered copies
pre-orders of the album received an original drawing, one hand-written lyric sheet, a picture postcard, and an envelope with pieces of branches from the picture shoot

intige taluure
  jay phlitman
  kim kang
  miss margot o
  koen brouwers
  ciska vanhoyland
  aiha higurashi
  eva mertens
  the heavy weather girls


side a

  1. acid party
  2. jay phlitman vs the japanese peope
  3. cut the dragon (part 1)
  4. the return of the son of anatevka (daideldiedeldiedeldum)
  5. he is a man

side b

  1. min min's great appetite
  2. don't kiss
  3. festival boo hoo
  4. frené magritte in legoland