the institute of formal research file under subconscious
    - feat.zoot horn rollo

1997 cd uk bubblehead records bh005

  bob sessions: voices
  phil mitchell: keyboards
  simon etchell: keyboards
  richard causon: keyboards
  francis haines: keyboards
  john paracelli: guitar
  zoot horn rollo: guitar
  chris spedding
  mick taylor
  guy barker

produced by diana armitage

  1. resonator  (parsons, haines)
  2. the kid from mars  (parsons, haines)
  3. element 47  (parsons, haines)
  4. secrets  (parsons, haines)
  5. strange companions  (parsons, haines, causon)
  6. the navigator  (parsons, haines)
  7. oasis / gunship  (parsons, haines)
  8. in this episode...  (parsons, haines)
  9. done gone left me  (parsons, haines)
  10. blind spot  (parsons, haines, spedding)