stefan signer

mouldy figs

1993 cd switzerland wong records cd 1492


produced, arranged & edited by stefan signer

  1. act 1
    - chico, red devil band, cheap disco crowd with no faces: "unnamed chico toot"
    - corps de ballet, orchestra, red devil band + chico: "tanzanian altura quatepec part 1"
    - corps de ballet, orchestra, red devil band + chico: "tanzanian altura quatepec part 2"
  2. act 2
    - orchestra, red devil band, gusanos & desperado: "the return of the gas station desperado"
    - collage, desperado & individuals: "desperado's fight at the jazzbar
    - orchestra, desperado, girl & family: "hecker's deele"
    - desperado plus the red sandwich combo: "desperado's statement"
    - nazis, red devil band: "interlude - the camp"
    - the red sandwich combo, girl & family: "lonely are the forsaken hearts"
    - college & orchestra, desperado in cardboard chevy replica: "hungry (in a snitched chevy)"
    - red devil band, snackstand girl: "snackstand girl's twinkle"
    - red devil band, snackstand girl, desperado: "the girl at the snackstand"
    - red devil band & desperado: "frenzy armed robbery"
    - collage: mad urs, desperado & bystanders: "desperado's mating call"
    - hp & the roarin' xylophones plus snackstand girl: "snackstand girl's oil burnt tits"
  3. act 3
    - steve & the europeans, teenage girls: "tears in the sand"
    - collage: hot garage, orchestra, teenage girl: "tight jeans smell soon"
    - orchestra, red devil band, corps de ballet: "the cheap ring league"
    - the red sandwich combo & desperado: "desperado's lament"
    - orchestra, hot garage, mad urs & jeans girl: "filet fisch jeans flavor interlude"
    - orchestra, red devil band, cast with unnamed chico: "the cheap ring league finale"
    - steve & the europeans, cast: "tears in the sand reprise"
    - "postlude"