suzy wong hotel


1985 lp switzerland masters records mrl 85010


suzy wong hotel
  ursula amsler: vocals
  pino buoro: vocals
  daniel kamm: guitars, synthesizer
  daniel kuhn: keyboards
  lorenz alder: bass
  peter truniger: drums
  infrasteff: kurzweil
  florian egli: saxes
  the children's ski voices

produced by victor woodcastle

all selections composed, arranged and orchestrated by infrasteff, except where noted

side one

  1. suzy wong (lp version)
  2. energy
  3. tonight  (ursula amsler)
  4. tiger-johnny
  5. friendly little finger

side two

  1. modern lover
  2. poacher's grisly handiwork
  3. bromate romance
  4. lightyears away