jefferson airplane

crown of creation
    - incl.'would you like a snack' (zappa, slick), the ari (zappa)

2003 cd eu rca / bmg 82876 53226 2

paul kantner: guitar, vocal
grace slick
: keyboard, vocalsú
jorma kaukonen: guitar, vocal
jack casady: bass
spencer dryden: drums
frank zappa: leader  13
arthur tripp III: drums, percussion  13
ian underwood: piano, woodwinds  13

  1. lather
  2. in time
  3. triad
  4. star track
  5. share a little joke
  6. chushingura
  7. if you feel
  8. crown of creation
  9. ice cream phoenix
  10. greasy heart
  11. the house at pooeil corners

    bonus tracks
  12. ribump ba bap dum dum
  13. would you like a snack  (frank zappa, grace slick)
  14. share a little joke (mono single version)
  15. the saga of sydney spacepig (previously unreleased) - includes 'the air' (frank zappa) in the background