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Experimental guitar player Henry Kaiser is obviously influenced by Captain Beefheart and by Frank Zappa.  Henry Kaiser not only plays Beefheart and Zappa compositions during his concerts from time to time, he also records them.  Various Van Vliet compositions can be found on his solo albums as well as on the recordings he did with various group projects (monster island, john oswald & henry kaiser,  ...).

selected discography

  monster island: monster island
    (1977, 7", usa, visible records) - incl.'alice in blunderland' (van vliet)
  henry kaiser: outside pleasure
    (1979, lp, usa, metallanguage ml 111) 
  name: s/t
    (1981, 12"ep, usa, private release) - feat. henry kaiser, everett shock / co-produced by phil brown
  henry kaiser: aloha
    (1981, lp, usa, metallanguage ml 109) - feat. john french
  henry kaiser: it's a wonderful life
    (1981, lp, usa, metallanguage ml 124) 
  crazy backwards alphabet: crazy backwards alphabet
    (1987, lp, usa, sst)
  henry kaiser: those who know history are doomed to repeat it
    (1988, cd, usa, sst records sst 198) - incl. various van vliet compositions
  henry kaiser: heart's desire
    (1990, lp, uk, reckless records reckd 19) - incl.various van vliet compositions
  henry kaiser: hope you like our new direction
    (1991, cd, uk, reckless records reckcd 21) - incl.'japan in a dishpan' (van vliet)
  crazy backwards alphabet: crazy backwards alphabet
    (1992, cd, ??, ??) - reissue with extra tracks
  henry kaiser & wadada leo smith: yo, miles!
    (1998, cd, usa, ??)
  henry kaiser: here's to you, zoogz
    (1999, cdr, usa, private release) - incl. various van vliet compositions
  various artists: 156 strings
    (2002, cd, usa, cuneiform rune 163) - feat. henry kaiser, mike keneally

156strings.jpg (27270 bytes)

  henry kaiser & wadada leo smith: yo, miles! : sky garden
    (2004, cd, usa, cuneiform records)
  henry kaiser & wadada leo smith: yo miles! : upriver
    (2005, cd, usa, cuneiform records rune 201/202) - feat. mike keneally

  henry kaiser & wadada leo smith: yo miles! : upriver
    (2005, cd, usa, cuneiform records rune 201/202) - feat. mike keneally
  golia, josephson, kaiser, keneally, morris, smith & walter: healing force - the songs of albert ayler
    (2007, cd, usa, cuneiform records rune 255) - feat. henry kaiser, mike keneally
  morgan ågren, henry kaiser, trey gunn: invisible rays
    (2011, cd, usa, 7d media)
  henry kaiser: requia and other improvisations for guitar solo
    (2013, cd, usa, tzadik)

henrykaiser_requia.jpg (27936 bytes)

  henry kaiser & max kutner: wild courses
    (2018, cd, australia, iluso records ircd15) - incl. 'glider' (don van vliet)
  stephan thelen: fractal guitar
    (2019, cd, usa, moonjune records mjr096) - feat. henry kaiser
  alvadro domene & henry kaiser: el tren fantasma
    (2019, cd, usa, iluso records)



  • 2002/05/24 concert 'Club Muse', Albany, CA, USA 


  • Henry Kaiser (guitar)

  • John Hanes (drums)

  • Dave Jess (bass)

  • Casey (K.C.) Filson (keyboard)

  • (*) Scott Colby (slide guitar)

  • Freddie Roulette (pedal steel guitar - 2nd set only)


  • The Same Thing (2:27)*

  • Obligatory Blues (3:06)*

  • Cardova (4:01)*

set 1

  • (Unknown 1) (6:18)

  • West Coast Salegy (7:25)

  • The Fishin' Hole (9:23)*

  • Cardova (6:22)*

  • Obligatory Blues (5:11)*

  • Play With Fire (11:24)*

  • A Good Talking To (3:32)*

  • (Banter) (0:54)

  • Watermelon In Easter Hay (7:23)*

  • Red Hills Of Rwanda (9:31)*

  • The Same Thing > (8:17)

  • I'm So Glad (6:47)

set 2

  • (Unknown 2) (7:19)

  • Right Off (12:06)

  • Sleepwalk (4:34)

  • Palace Of Love Theme (9:31)

  • (Unknown 3) (4:36)

  • Ife (10:21)

  • (Unknown 4) (7:22)

  • Little Foxes (3:48) For Ito, 2004

  • Commence Pussyfooting (19:49) For Sharon, 2005

  • For Steve (13:18) Steve Schwartz w/ Henry Kaiser, 2007

  • KBDAY 2c (3:25) For Kay, 2000

  • Outside Now Again (8:59) For Sharon, 2005

  • Way Too Much Pussyfooting (18:48) For Sharon, 2005

  • Sloppy Overdub For Greg (4:17) Greg Stewart w/ Henry Kaiser, 2006

  • Hard Time Skunk Dawn Rider (3:27) For Ito, 2004

  • Kay Campitelli Salegy #2 (13:54) For Kay, 2000


  • HENRY KAISER & MIKE KENEALLY Sleep Dirt (3:53)
    (Unreleased) Live at The Freight and Salvage, 2000

  • HENRY KAISER & GLENN PHILLIPS Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (5:54)
    Guitar Party (Hidden Track) Alternate "Walter Brennan" Vocal, 1990

  • THE HENRY KAISER BAND Rock On (alternate) (12:39)
    Hope You Like Our New Direction LP Version, Different Improv Than CD, 1991

  • FREDDIE ROULETTE Breakin' Up Someone's Home (6:34)
    Man of Steel, 2005

  • THE MISTAKES Aye Aye Monster (live) (7:26)
    From the forthcoming Live at the Pandemonium Festival 1996

  • DOSE HERMANOS Search For Intelligent Life (7:08)

  • DOSE HERMANOS A Million O'Clock In Zanzibar (8:14)

  • HENRY KAISER & MICHAEL MANRING It's About Those Times (6:23)

  • DANNY CARNAHAN & ROBIN PETRIE Girls In Black (4:30)

  • RUBE WADELL with HENRY KAISER Mohandas (5:08)

  • FRENCH, FRITH, KAISER & THOMPSON Days of Our Lives (5:45)

  • HENRY KAISER & JIM O'ROURKE Monster Investigator Juspion (5:24)

  • FREDDIE ROULETTE Call Me (3:51)

  • HENRY KAISER Playin' In the Band (3:30)

  • relix vol.16 no.2
        (1989, magazine, usa)
    • Relix Vol.16 no.2 had Little Feat on the cover and a 3 page article inside:
      "Little Feat: Time Loves A Hero" by Jeff Tamarkin

      The same issue also has articles on Zappa, Henry Kaiser and Flo & Eddie:

      • "Frank Zappa: What You Can Do Onstage With New Records, CDs, Videos" by William Ruhlmann
      • "Henry Kaiser: One Band Gathers What Another Band Spills" by Jeff Tamarkin.
      • "Kaylan and Volman Trash 1988 & Launch 1989 at the Bottom Line" by William Ruhlmann.


random notes

info from Rick Snyder:

"NAME is composed of six youthful musicians--they appear to be in their late teens and early twenties  --who grew up together near Disneyland, moved to Berkeley and; formed a band. Meeting local guitarist Henry Kaiser at one of his gigs, they asked him to fill in for an ailing member. The relationship  solidified and now Kaiser is one of three electric guitarists in the group. Erling Wold and Judilh Stadtman play the other Guitars,  (Wold doubling on keyboards).  Lynn Murdock and Rick Crawford  play electric bass. Mark Crawford  plays drums, and Everett Shock  adds declamatory vocals and  screeching sax lines."

"Has anything by Name ever been released on CD? I've got one vinyl EP, that is great, very Beefheart influenced stuff, It seems to be a private pressing, as no record co. is indicated."

This EP is also engineered and co-produced by PHIL BROWN (who would later perform the same duties for CAPTAIN BEEFHEART on his "ICE CREAM FOR CROW" LP!).




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