john korsrud / the hard rubber orchestra

John Korsrud is a Canadian composer and jazz trumpeter. He's the leader of The Hard Rubber Orchestra.


  hard rubber orchestra: cruel yet fair
    (1997, cd, canada, les disques victo cd059)
hro_cruel.jpg (32171 bytes)
  orquesta goma dura: live
    (2000, cd, canada, mother corp records slscd 1132)
orquestra_goma_dura_live.jpg (28187 bytes)
  hard rubber orchestra: rub harder
    (2001, cd, canada, les disques victo cd080)
hro_rubharder.jpg (33051 bytes)
  john korsrud: odd jobs, assorted climaxes
    (2005, cd, canada, point 3 spp203)
korsrud_oddjobs.jpg (20783 bytes)
  john korsrud's hard rubber orchestra: crush
    (2015, cd, canada, private release / rubhard04)
hro_crush.jpg (23796 bytes)
  hard rubber orchestra: kenny wheeler, suite for hard rubber orchestra
    (2018, cd, canada, justin time records jtr 8614-2)







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