jonas knutsson


  bengt berger old school: all time high
    (1999, cd, sweden, amigo music amcd 885) - feat. mats oberg

bengtberger_alltimehigh.jpg (21683 bytes)

  berger knutsson spering & friends: see you in a minute - memories of don cherry
    (2005, cd, sweden, country & eastern ce 03) - feat. mats oberg

ce03.jpg (23974 bytes)

  c&e party band & friends: country & eastern christmas
    (2008, 2cd, sweden, country & eastern ce12) - feat.mats öberg

c_e_christmas.jpg (30058 bytes)

  bengt berger: beches brew
    (2009, cd, sweden, country & eastern ce13) - feat. mats öberg

bengtberger_ce13.jpg (28083 bytes)


lena willemark, jonas knutsson & mats öberg: alla drömmars sĺng
    (2013, cd, sweden, country & eastern ce25)

willemark_knutsson_oberg_cd.jpg (23370 bytes)

  bengt berger: beches brew big
    (2013, cd, sweden, country & eastern ce27) - feat. mats öberg

bengtberger_bechesbrewbig.jpg (21957 bytes)

  thomas tidholm & jonas knutsson: orsa by night
    (2015, cd, sweden, country & eastern ce35)

tidholm_knutsson_orsabynight.jpg (17501 bytes)

  berger, knutsson, spering and schultz: blue blue
    (2015, cd, sweden, country & eastern cd34)

berger_knutsson_spering_schulz_blueblue.jpg (28438 bytes)







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