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Michael Keropian is a sculptor. His web-site is located at: 



michael keropian did a bronze sculpture of frank zappa.


March 2004, Mike Keropian wrote:

Hello All,

I thought you might be interested in one of the projects I am currently working on.
Below is an update letter I have sent out to those interested in the Zappa Memorial Project and those who never heard of such a thing!

This is a progress report about the Zappa Memorial model I am currently working on. Below is a link to the two Zappa pages on my site which have photos and more info. The photos show the 4 foot clay figure (still in progress) of Frank with his Gibson SG. I am now working on the base with various objects and symbols of his life and music. I am currently selling portraits of Frank to help pay for the memorial model. It is my intention to eventually get funding for enlarging the model to life-size or larger and have it installed in a respectable location in the US, Europe and/or other locations where people
appreciate Frank Zappa.

*Also to come in 2004, A number of people will be happy to know I will be creating smaller versions of the Zappa Portrait in bronze and bonded bronze which will be less expensive. They will be available from my site and ebay hopefully by April.

Best Regards to you!

Mike Keropian
Zappa memorial: www.keropiansculpture.com/FZappMem.html
Zappa Portrait in bronze and bonded bronze:
Zappa portrait also on ebay: Type in "Zappa sculpture" in search.





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