gary lucas

evangeline (4)
    - incl. ‘ah feel like as syd’ (g.lucas) a reference to a beefheart song, and 'interstellar low ways' (sun ra)

1996 cd usa zensor zs 152

gary lucas: solo acoustic guitar

written, arranged & produced by gary lucas

  1. the animal flesh comes creeping back
  2. evangeline
  3. wedding march
  4. the wall
  5. apismatisin'
  6. overture to "tannhäuser"
  7. sail up
  8. ah feel like ah syd
  9. the songstress on the edge of heaven
  10. a wandering minstrel eye
  11. police dog blues
  12. the animal flesh (slight return)
  13. "judgement at midnight" suite
  14. interstellar low ways  (sun ra)
  15. cool hand luke