gary lucas

gods and monsters (2)
    - incl. 'king strong' (g.lucas) = 'king kong'(frank zappa)

1992 cd ger enemy 987.233

recorded in new york and london

gary lucas: guitar, voice, songs
rolo mcginty: voice, bass, snare, keyboards 1,2,5,7
mary margaret o'hara: voice 3
jon langford: voice, guitar 8
k-rob: voice 10
michael blair: drums, percussion 4,5
keith leblanc: drums, programming 11
tony 'thunder' smith: drums 1,3,5,10
jared michael nickerson: bass 1,3,4,5,10
tony maimone: bass 8
paul now: bass, sampler 10,11
cameo: turntables 10

produced by gary lucas

cover photo: anton corbijn

  1. glo-worm (lucas)
  2. skin the rabbit (lucas, mcginty)
  3. poison tree (lucas)
  4. jack johnson / ghostrider (miles davis, suicide)
  5. whip named lash (lucas)
  6. fool's cap (lucas)
  7. astronomy dominé (barrett)
  8. the brain from planet eros (lucas, maimone)
  9. dream of a russian princess (lucas)
  10. the crazy ray (lucas, johnson)
  11. king strong (lucas)
    = 'king kong'(frank zappa)