james lawless & the ratbastard orchestra

i can hear you breathing! live snacks! volume one!
    - incl. 'let's move to cleveland', 'night school'  (frank zappa)

2012 cdr-on-demand usa amazon / banned records


james lawless: all instruments


  1. let's move to cleveland  (frank zappa)

  2. moondance  (morrison)

  3. just because u stands out  (james lawless)

  4. one white duck  (anderson)

  5. catch the wind  (leitch)

  6. here lies love  (martin, dobard)

  7. carry me carrie  (silverstein)

  8. metamorphosis of the luna moth  (james lawless)

  9. aphids early  (james lawless)

  10. teena's full house  (james lawless)

  11. night school  (frank zappa)