mark lanegan band

here comes that weird chill
incl. 'clear spot' (van vliet)

2003 10" uk beggars banquet bbq373 ft
2003 cd5" uk beggars banquet bbq373cd

joshua homme: lead guitar, drums, bass 1,4,6,7,8
molly mcguire, wendy rae fowler, natasha shneider, greg dulli, brett netson, nick oliveri: background vocals 1
dave catching: lead & rhythm guitar 1 bass 7
jonathone russon: bass 1
aldo struyf: synths 1,4
tracy chisholm: loops, recording 1-2,4,6,7,8
rick will: additional recording, mix 1,4,5,6
alain johannes: lead guitar, additional recording 1,3
chris goss: guitar, vocals 2  bass 7
dean ween: lead guitar 4,7,8
nick oliveri: bass 4,6,7,8
adam maples: drums 4
gregg dulli, chris goss: background vocals 4
keni richards: piano 5
wendy rae fowler, chris goss: background vocals 5
brett netson: background vocals 6
ed crawford: counterpoint guitar 7
oliver goldstein: keyboards, synths 7,8
rick miller: additional recoding 7,8
jonas g: additional recording, post production 7,8
mary huff: electric piano 8

  1. methamphetamine blues (lanegan)
  2. on the steps of the cathedral (goss, lanegan)
  3. clear spot (van vliet)
  4. message to mine (lanegan)
  5. lexington slow down (lanegan, richards)
  6. skeletal history (homme, lanegan, oliveri)
  7. wish you well (lanegan)
  8. sleep with me / version (lanegan)