let's zappalin with napoleon murphy brock

café piu piu & elsewhere
    - all compositions by frank zappa  //  feat. napoleon murphy brock

2015 dvdr brazil private release

recorded live in concert at café piu piu in sao paulo, brazil, on december 21, 2014

  fred barley: drums, vocals
  erico jonis: bass, vocals
  jimmy pappon: keyboards
  rainer t.pappon: guitar
  maria diniz: vocals
  tina pappon: vocals
  marcos bowie: vocals
  napoleon murphy brock: lead vocal, sax,flute

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. dog breath variations / uncle meat
  2. cosmik debris
  3. village of the sun
  4. echidna's arf (of you)
  5. don't you ever wash that thing?
  6. uncle remus  (george duke, frank zappa)
  7. cheepnis
  8. son of orange county
  9. more trouble every day
  10. pygmy twylyte / dummy up
  11. peaches en regalia
  12. take your clothes off when you dance
  13. pound for a brown
  14. inca roads
  15. black napkins
  16. florentine pogen
  17. sofa
  18. montana
  19. san ber'dino
  20. carolina hard-core ecstasy
  21. zomby woof
  22. andy
  23. muffin man