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Michael Lynch contributed a track to "Conceptual Continuity - A Cover Freak Tribute To Frank Zappa".


  various artists: conceptual continuity - a cover freak tribute to frank zappa
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from Coverfreak dot com / http://coverfreak.com/zappa-tribute/ - 2010 12

1. I Ain't Got No Heart - Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch is a New York garage-rock singer-songwriter who performs and records as a solo artist in addition to playing in various bands. As 'Freak Out!' has been one of this three favorite albums (along with 'Revolver' and 'Let It Bleed') since he was 17 (he grabbed his beloved copy one night in college during a middle-of-the-night fire alarm), Michael knew it would be one of the 1966 classic's songs he'd choose to cover for this project. Having recorded a version of "I Ain't Got No Heart" back then during those college days, he elected to give the song another try in 2010.

More of Michael's work can be heard at www.myspace.com/michaellynchmusic



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