kurt morgan


February 2015, Joe Travers teamed up with Kurt Morgan (and some more ZpZ-members) to perform as Yogurt.
The band did two Zappa shows at The Baked Potato.

Kurt was appointed scoremeister for the "200 Motels - The Suites" project.


  dweezil zappa: via zammata'
    (2015, cd, usa, private release) - incl. 'dragonmaster (frank zappa / dweezil zappa)

dweezilzappa_via_zammata.jpg (25311 bytes)

  dweezil zappa: via zammata' demos and rarities
    (2015, download, usa, private release) -  incl. 'dragonmaster (frank zappa / dweezil zappa), incl. z's '70's medley nyc 1995'  with snippets of frank zappa compositions ('florentine pogen', 'i'm the slime')

dweezilzappa_via_zammata.jpg (25311 bytes)


los angeles philharmonic: frank zappa - 200 motels the suites
    (2015, 2cd, usa, zappa records zr0019)
zappa_200motels_thesuites.jpg (23174 bytes)



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