m.b.o.b. (mars, black, oliva and bladezipper)

live in sardinia, february 1995
    - lots of zappa material

2003 cdr ger inkanish

recorded february 1995

tommy mars: keyboard & vocals
jimmy carl black: drums & vocals
sandro oliva: guitar & vocals
ener bladezipper: bass & vocals

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. chunga's revenge
  2. brown shoes don't make it
  3. zoot allures
  4. king kong
  5. help, i'm a rock
  6. plastic people in italian (zappa, oliva)
  7. love of my life
  8. junk food (oliva) / mr.green genes
  9. dance of the ritual pumpkin
  10. sleeping in a jar
  11. freak out in sardinia
  12. uncle meat
  13. peaches en regalia
  14. willie the pimp