metropolis orchestra

uncle beat
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2004 cd italy dot 9001-2

recorded in the massive studio, milano, italy

aurelio piromalli: bass
antonella montini: vocals
massimiliano sovran: guitar
domenico riu: trombone
roberto gigliotti: drums
alessandro baglioni: flute, vocals
sergio palladino: vocals
katia bono: piano
max sciancalepore: alto sax
ivan padovani: trumpet, arrangements

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. cletus awreetus-awrightus
  2. more trouble every day
  3. little umbrellas
  4. king kong
  5. let's make the water turn black
  6. the orange county lumber truck
  7. oh no
  8. theme from lumpy gravy
  9. blessed relief
  10. zomby woof
  11. city of tiny lights
  12. uncle meat
  13. pygmy twylyte
  14. twenty small cigars
  15. keep it greasey
  16. brown shoes don't make it
  17. revised music for flute and piano
  18. zoot allures
  19. ures ures ures