mike mainieri

an american diary
    – incl. ‘king kong’ (frank zappa)

1995 cd usa nyc records 6015-2

peter erskine: percussion, drums, triangle
eddie gomez: bass
joe lovano: sax (soprano), sax (tenor), clarinet (alto)
mike mainieri: piano, chimes, marimbas, vibraphone, xylophone, whistle

produced by mike mainieri

  1. somewhere (bernstein/sondheim)
  2. king kong (zappa)
  3. piano sonata (copland)
  4. piano sonata no.1 (sessions)
  5. town meeting (mainieri)
  6. overture to the school for scandal (barber)
  7. hudson river valley (lovano)
  8. sometimes i feel like a motherless son (traditional)
  9. song of my people (erskine)
  10. in the gloaming (traditional)
  11. out of the cage (erskine/gomez/lovano/mainieri)
  12. in the universe of ives (mainieri)