the mistakes

the mistakes
    = mike keneally & henry kaiser

1995 cd usa immune records imm-1009

henry kaiser: guitar, keys, six-string bass
mike keneally: guitar, keys, vocals
prairie prince: drums
andy west: bass

produced by mike keneally (and henry kaiser)

  1. put the bass in the middle of my head
  2. aye-aye mosnter
  3. haiku andy
  4. island of lost luggage
  5. nests
  6. career politicians
  7. haiku henry
  8. ennui (prelude)
  9. transmogrification of chili (ennue)
  10. warm papaya
  11. shoko
  12. waiting on williams
  13. hai kuneally
  14. hot cakes or abbatoir?
  15. a plethora of piņatas
  16. assembly language
  17. sirenita the greek
  18. baby blues
  19. prince poem
  20. the mistakes vs. dropped d