monk & canatella

care in the community
    - includes zappa sample in 'this time it's different'

1996 cd uk cup of tea records  cot 005

additional musicians
  craig crofton: sax
  maggie thomas: vox
  sarah parkinson: cello
  liz gilbert: flte
  earl osborne: bass
  aby yendal / harriet: backing vox
  maff from the egg: cheers for the drums
  dj madds
  dj 2smooth

  1. darkus twisted
  2. out of here
  3. flying high
  4. apology
  5. roughead
  6. forthcoming
  7. chelsea smile
  8. this time it's different  - includes zappa sample
  9. top yourself
  10. lucy gray
  11. i can water my plants
  12. trout