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zappa had decided to expand to an eight-piece band.  he asked don preston to join who brought along bunk gardner.  jim fielder replaced elliot ingber who had gotten fired.  ingber formed the fraternity of man and later appeared in the grandmothers and in the magic band.

the mothers of invention #3
(fall 1966 - 1967/07)
jimmy carl black: drums
                                        ray collins: vocals
                                        roy estrada: bass
                                        jim fielder: guitar
                                        bunk gardner: horns
                                        billy mundi: drums
                                        don preston: keyboards
                                        frank zappa: guitar

it was this eight-piece band that started recording the second mothers of invention album (1966/11).  during the recordings, fielder left to join blood, sweat & tears.

photo (from top left to right, bottom left to right):
billy mundi, roy estrada, ray collins, don preston, jimmy carl black, bunk gardner, frank zappa



photo (from top, middle and bottom left to right):mothers1967_02.jpg (281248 bytes)
frank zappa, roy estrada, don preston, ray collins, billy mundi, bunk gardner, jimmy carl black




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