alphonse mouzon

the man incognito
- feat. ian underwood, victor feldman & emil richards

1975 lp usa blue note

david benoit: keyboards, electric piano
george bohannon: trombone
tim dehuff: guitars
dawilli gonga: synths, keyboards
gary grant: trumpet
dave grusin: keyboards, electric piano
john maller: clavinet, keyboards
charles meeks: bass
alphonso mouzon: drums, synths, vocals
ray pizzi: saxophones, lyricon
lee ritenour: guitars
tom scott: saxophones
david t. walker: guitars
ian underwood: synthesizer
victor feldman: percussions
emil richards: percussions

  1. take you troubles away

  2. snake walk

  3. before you leave

  4. just like the sun

  5. you are my dreams

  6. new york city

  7. without a reason

  8. mouzon moves on

  9. behind your mind