the muffin men

powdered water
    - compositions by frank zappa & don van vliet  //  feat. denny walley

2012 cd/dvd-promo uk private release

promotional release

recorded during the 2011 european tour in berlin, ahlen and liverpool

  roddie gilliard: bass and vocals
  ian jump: guitar and vocals
  paul ryan: drums and vocals
  phil hearn: keyboards and vocals
  denny walley: guitar and vocal

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

the live cd

  1. medley: zoot / yellow / napkins
  2. crew slut
  3. dead girls of london
  4. city of tiny lights
  5. jones crusher
  6. suction prints  (don van vliet)
  7. suicide chump
  8. san berdino
  9. in france
  10. my guitar
  11. grow me a chin
  12. winter gale in the garden of edam (cheesy version)  (the muffin men)

the dvd