the muffins

double negative
- feat. marshall allen and knoel scott

2004 cd usa cuneiform records rune 199

recorded in baltimore  2002 - 2003

the muffins
  thomas frasier scott: alto and soprano sax, flute, clarinet, alto clarinet, keyboards, percussion, programming
  dave newhouse: keyboards, baritone and tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute, flarinette
  billy swan: bass, acoustic guitar
  paul sears: drums, electric guitar
  marshall allen: alto sax  12, 13
  knoel scott: alto sax  3, 11, 12, 13  baritone sax  12
  doug elliott: trombone
  amy taylor: violin
  kristin snyder: viola
  laura dent: cello
  okorie johnson: cello

all arrangements by the muffins

produced by the muffins

  1. the highlands  (t.scott)

  2. writing blind  (d.newhouse)

  3. choombachang  (d.newhouse)

  4. the ugly buttling  (t.scott)

  5. the man in the skin-painted suit  (d.newhouse)

  6. childhood's end  (t.scott)

  7. exquisite corpse  (d.newhouse)

  8. they come on unknown nights  (d.newhouse)

  9. cat's game  (d.newhouse)

  10. stethorus punctum  (t.scott)

  11. dawning star  (t.scott)

  12. 5:00 shadow  (d.newhouse)

  13. metropolis  (the muffins)

  14. angel from lebanon  (d.newhouse)

  15. frozen charlotte  (d.newhouse)

  16. maya  (t.scott)

  17. the two georges  (d.newhouse)