the muffins with marshall allen & knoel scott

loveletter #2 "the ra sessions"

2005 cd usa hobart films & records hob002

recorded january 2004 in baltimore, md

the muffins
  thomas scott: alto & soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet, percussion
  paul sears: drums, guitar, trombone, percussion
  dave newhouse: bass clarinet, soprano, baritone & tenor saxophone, organ, grand piano, percussion
  billy swann: bass, guitar, percussion
  marshall allen: alto saxophone
  knoel scott: alto saxophone

all tracks are improvised. structures were initiated by the muffins

produced by the muffins

  1. in this world

  2. happy now?

  3. monsta 

  4. chickenhead

  5. dog park

  6. smooth joe

  7. dr. mid-nite