2006/09/01, the MusikFabrik performed the music of Frank Zappa in concert in Montreux. It was the composer/arranger Ali N. Askin who had gathered a band to perform some of Frank's music. Besides the MusikFabrik ensemble, the band included keyboardist Mats Öberg and drummer Morgan Ågren. Gustaf Hielm, former member of Meshuggah played the bass

In 2011, the ensemble took part in the ""NOW! AMERICA: Cage Reich Adams Zappa" Festival, performing various Zapp compositions.

In 2014, the ensemble released 

  musikfabrik: edition musikfabrik 08 - graffiti
    (2014, cd, ger, wergo 68612) - incl. 'outer nothingness', pleiades'  (sun ra)
editionmusikfabrik08.jpg (22454 bytes)




"NOW! AMERICA: Cage Reich Adams Zappa" Festival”



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