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The Muze Jazz Orchestra grew out of the monthly jam sessions that were held at the MuzeCafé in Zolder, Belgium.

Saturday, June 4, 2011, the MJO is scheduled to perform at Appeltuinjazz in Leuven with "Muze Jazz Orchestra plays Frank Zappa".

MJO is a 9-piece band. The band will be performing Zappa and will play some material by Lieven Cambré as well.

The setlist should or could include: Peaches En Regalia (F. Zappa), Cletus Alwreetus-Alwrightus (Zappa), Po-Jama People (Zappa), Sofa (Zappa) As I think you are (Cambré), Lady Bird (arr. Cambré).

Muze Jazz Orchestra



2012 06 01 Muze Jazz Orchestra - concert "Mosae Zappa", Heerlen,  NL

  • line-up

    • Lieven Cambré: alto sax, compositions, arrangements * Marco Cirone: guitar, vocals, arrangements * Carlo Nardozza: trumpet * Koen Nys: soprano- and tenor sax * Igor Maserolli: baritone sax * Tim Daemen: trombone * Tom Van Acker: bass gitaar * David La Mela: drums * David Hermans: fender rhodes * Bart Quartier: marimba and vibraphone

  • setlist

    • intro, Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus, Zomby Woof, Blessed Relief, St.Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast > Father O'Blivion, Cosmik Debris, Dirty Love, Sofa, Po-Jama People, Inca Roads, Uncle Remus, Peaches En Regalia, happy birthday bart quartier, Trouble Every Day


picture: Philippe Lamoot

2013/02/09 concert 'Schouwburg Muze', Heusden, Belgium

2013/02/21 concert 'CC De Kruisboog', Tienen, Belgium



2013 01

2011 06

The Muze Jazz Orchestra arose from the monthly jam sessions that took place at the 'Muze' club in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.
Every first Sunday of the month, Marco Cirone invited musicians. These sessions started with a concert around a specific theme (music by Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Groove Like Eddie (Harris), original work, ...), and were followed by a jazz jam.

Out of the collective of musicians who regularly participated in the jam sessions, the idea grew of doing something with a bigger band.
September 2010, kicking off the new season, the Muze Jazz Orchestra performed for the first time.
The band is a mix of conservatory students, semi-professional and professional musicians. A lot of these musicians have performed together in various combinations and settings.
The arrangements of the pieces that are performed by the MJO are from Marco Cirone and from Lieven Cambré.

The repertoire of the MJO involves more than just Zappa music.

Lieven Cambré arranged his own compositions and the jazz classics for the MJO, whereas Marco Cirone arranged the Zappa pieces.

Marco Cirone adds:
"The love for Zappa's music started when I discovered "Joe's Garage" in the local CD library. I had seen cross-references in the liner notes of many bands that I was listening to such as Steve Vai, Mr. Bungle, X-legged Sally,...

Around the same time I started 'Freak Accident' in which those influences could clearly be heard. The fascination with Zappa's music has continued to grow gradually and I continue to make discoveries in his massive work: musical but also visual, theatrical, conceptual thinking, politics,....

We currently have 3 MJO concerts behind us and we are working steadily to expand the repertoire. We try to add a couple of new songs to every concert. We like the fresh and adventurous approach.

Besides the 'Appeltuin' concert (June 4 in Leuven), there's a large schowcase scheduled at the cultural center of Heusden-Zolder on Saturday, September 3."


ZappaFest, Sunday, December 20, 2015

Muze Jazz Orchestra

  • Marco Cirone: guitar, vocals
  • Daniel Vandenhoydonks: trumpet
  • Lieven Cambré: alt sax
  • Koen Nys: tenor sax
  • Tim Daemen: trombone
  • Stien Carlier: baritone sax
  • Ozan Bozdag: electric bass
  • David Demuynck: keyboard
  • David La Mela: drums
  • Bart Quartier: mallets

Stien Carlier - Tim Daemen - Daniel Vandenhoydonks - Lieven Cambré - Koen Nys
picture by Philippe Lamoot
picture by Philippe Lamoot Marco Cirone




-- info: Jos Peeters


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