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Nacho Martinez contributed a track to "Conceptual Continuity - A Cover Freak Tribute To Frank Zappa".


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11. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance -   Nacho Martinez 

I'm a musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Drummer by study, but I also play guitar, piano, bass guitar, flute, clarinet & trumpet. I currently have a band called El Kuelgue ( and also work as a free lance IT developer for different companies in Argentina and abroad.

At first I found this song quite difficult to interpret, basically because the lyrics inevitably (for me) have this 'hippie' feel about life and choices and other matters, and sometimes Frank has belittled some aspects of the Hippie movement (i.e. "Who needs the peace corps?"). Nevertheless I find this song very appealing and funny, and agree 100% with what it has to say. Besides, I had a lot of fun recording it.



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