tom mccaslin

inside out
- incl. two versions of 'outside now again' (frank zappa)

2009 cd usa crystal records cd695

recorded augustus - september 2008

tom mccaslin: tuba
gail novak: piano

produced by tom mccaslin

sam pilafian
'relentless grooves II : armenia'
tuba and prerecorded accompaniment

  1. liberated
  2. identity
  3. lament
  4. kef time

jorge salgueiro
'concerto for tuba'
for tuba and piano

  1. dephts
  2. beating
  3. cadenza
  4. fantasy
  5. fireworks

frank zappa
'outside now again'
for unaccompanied tuba

  1. original
  2. with effects

juraj filas
for tuba and piano

  1. moderato
  2. allegro agitato