andee nathanson

Andee Nathanson took the famous picture that ended on the cover of Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" album.



frank zappa: hot rats
   (1969, lp, usa, bizarre)


random notes

2008 09

Did you know that the picture for the cover of Hot Rats was taken by Andee Nathanson?

Miss Cristine (the woman on the cover of "Hot Rats") was Andee's roomate at that time.
Andee and Joseph Horgen are in the process of working on a new book project with Andee's and Micheal Cooper's work.

Joseph Horgen adds:
I have seen the contact sheets of that roll of film with the Hot Rats cover- that include many more fantastic shots from that day."

So it's not Ed Caraeff that took this picture... It's Andee Nathanson.

-- info: Joseph Horgen




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