narcophony plays the residents
- all songs, except one, written by the residents

2005 cd france 0101 records 0101.13

recorded in 2004 & 2005

christine ott: ondes martenot
ivan chiossone: double bass, percussion,...
hasmig fau: cello, melodica, percussion
françois cuilleron: violin, guitar, percussion
eric aldéa: organ, sampler, guitar, lead vocals
pierre citron: flute
franck laurino: drums

  1. the festival of death
  2. the act of being polite
  3. perfect love
  4. in between dreams
  5. the simple song
  6. ship's a' going down
  7. jambalaya (on the bayou)  (hank williams)
  8. hello skinny
  9. whatever happened to vileness fats?
  10. broccoli & saxophone
  11. eloïse
  12. lord, it's lonely
  13. the knife fight / the importance of evergreen