nasal retentive orchestra

fric out!  (1)
- incl.various frank zappa compositions

2001 cd fr pickaboo nro 001

hervé guérande: dialogues
jeff marschalle: vocals, guitar
mathieu metzger: sax, flute, vocals
jean-pierre vignaud: guitar, vocals
jean-yves frot: keys, vocals
christophe delbrouck: bass, vocals
françois luçon: drums, vocals
frank fertier: drums

  1. the heavy poodle (zappa)
  2. dirty love (zappa)
  3. king kong prélude (zappa)
  4. i'm the slime (zappa)
  5. the quizz (delbrouck)
  6. king kong variations (zappa)
  7. cosmik debris (zappa)
  8. yellow snow (zappa)
  9. water turn black (zappa)
  10. shanxi part one (delbrouck)
  11. interview
  12. weasels variations  (delbrouck)
  13. black napkins (zappa)
  14. our traditional meeting (delbrouck)
  15. the greatest sinner (zappa)