Nazareth performed Frank Zappa's 'Road Ladies' at a BBC Radio session called 'At The Beeb' in 1975. The track got released in 2000. The same track can also be found as a bonus on the "Hair Of The Dog" re-release from 2010.


1 nazareth: nazareth
    (1970, lp, ??, ??)
2 nazareth: exercises
    (1972, lp, ??, ??)
3 nazareth: razamanaz
    (1973, lp, ??, ??)
4 nazareth: loud 'n' proud
    (1973, lp, ??, ??)
5 nazareth: rampant
    (1974, lp, ??, ??)
6 nazareth: hair of the dog
    (1975, lp, ??, ??) - includes 'road ladies' (frank zappa) on the 2010 re-release

nazareth_hair.jpg (24861 bytes)

7 nazareth: no mean city
    (1979, lp, ??, ??)
8 nazareth: malice in wonderland
    (1979, lp, ??, ??)

nazareth: at the beep
    (1998, 2cd, uk, reef records) - includes 'road ladies' (frank zappa)



random notes

     From: Fredrik Johansson
Completists might be interested to know that the British rock group Nazareth covers "Road Ladies" on a new archival release. It's a live double CD called At the Beeb, recorded at the band's commercial peak in the mid 70's.
In the booklet, one of the band members is quoted as saying that they usually played the song as the closing encore because of its jaw dropping effect on the audience- it didn't make them scream for more.
-- Fredrik


- additional info: Nikolai Zaharov

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