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Negativeland (Mark Hosler, Chris Grigg, Don Joyce, David Wills and Richard Lyons) was a band, but they also produced a live radio show "Over The Edge".
One of these shows, broadcast on march 31, 1995, was a Zappa special, entitled "They S(h)aved Zappa's Moustache".
The show was made available on cassette, and a condensed version circulates on CDR.



  negativeland: over the edge - they s(h)aved zappa's moustache - the 90 min "condensed" version
    (????, usa, 2cdr, ??) - incl.various frank zappa compositions and samples

negativeland_theyshavedzappasmoustache_cdr.jpg (25390 bytes)

  the national cynical network: they saved zappa's moustache
    (2012, download, usa, ncn) - incl.various frank zappa compositions and samples

ncn_theysavedzappasmoustache.jpg (17840 bytes)





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