bruce nichols

garden variety
    - incl. 'take your clothes off when you dance' (frank zappa)

2002 cd usa heem street music hsm200102

bruce nichols: vocals, guitar, harmonica
rick sieja: drums, percussion
gary wedding: bass
david king: guitar
lucas: bass
steve moenssen: piano
kat orlando: vocals and tenor sax
glenn schultz: piano accordion
eugene zenzen: cello
harry nichols: vocals and mandolin
lynn digiantomasso: percussion
dennis lambiris: washboard
larry ray: tenor guitar and vocals
joe ruzza: hi-hat and percussion
george bedard: lead guitars
tracy francione: vocals
deborah porchiran: vocals
danny semmelsberger: guitars
joe micciche: drums
r.lucas: guitar
al lystad: vocal
mik nichols: drums, vocals and percussion

all compositions by bruce nichols, except where noted

  1. arborvitae serenade
  2. you got me
  3. down by the sea
  4. fractal boogie (lucas / nichols)
  5. stardance
  6. momma don't like no music (davenport)
  7. swill & chill grill
  8. pictures of you
  9. nuz
  10. one of these days
  11. crazy mixed up world (w.dixon)
  12. i dream
  13. if you knew
  14. she went away (robert lucas)
  15. who threw that ham
  16. take your clothes off when you dance (frank zappa)
  17. claude's rude etude #3