nine inch nails

Adrian Belew contributed to the 1994 "Downward Spiral" album by Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails released "Closure" (a double VHS set) in 1997.
"Closure" is the 12th official Nine Inch Nails release. It consists of one tape of live concert and behind-the-scenes footage from the Self-Destruct tour and one tape of music videos. The first cassette's additional footage highlights the backstage antics by Nine Inch Nails and their tour guests: Marilyn Manson, Jim Rose Circus and David Bowie. It also contains
a backstage fragment where the band is singing along with Zappa's 'Broken Hearts Are For Assholes'.
In 2006, a digital copy of "Closure" was leaked to the internet and was made available through bittorrent sites, youtube and vimeo.
It did eventually get an unofficial, bootleg DVD release (in South America).



  nine inch nails: downward spiral
    (1994, ??)
- feat.adrian belew  
  nine inch nails: closure
    (1997, 2vhs, usa, trimark home video) - incl. 'broken hearts are for assholes' (frank zappa)

nin_closure_vhs.jpg (67751 bytes)

  nine inch nails: closure
    (2006, 2dvd-bootleg, brazil, dvd ex 1001) - incl. 'broken hearts are for assholes' (frank zappa)

nin_closure_dvd.jpg (59798 bytes)



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