nasal retentive orchestra

tales of brave flegmar
    - incl.various frank zappa compositions

2003 cd fr pickaboo nro 003

jeff marschalle: vocals, narration, guitar, bouzouki, snorks
mathieu metzger: sax, backing vocals
vincent boisseau: clarinet, backing vocals, dj (3), drum (1)
jean-yves frot: keys
christophe delbrouck: bass, backing vocals
patrick desoyer: drums

  1. absolutely free (zappa)
  2. uncle meat (zappa)
  3. salut dédé (desoyer / nro)
  4. tales of brave flegmar part 1 (delbrouck / nro)
     the lost guys' aria
     flegmar singing lesson
     the heroic bard
     interlude phase one
  5. tales of brave flegmar part 2 (delbrouck / nro)
     the nymph's aria
     let the sun shine in my panties
  6. tales of brave flegmar part 3 (delbrouck / nro)
     have a cold turkey
     the dance
     pop's anger
     flegmar's anger
     love song
     interlude phase two
  7. tales of brave flegmar part 4 (delbrouck / nro)
     the fight
     can you hear a hit?
     the glory
  8. holiday in berlin (zappa)
  9. our critical pollution (nro)
  10. the air (zappa)