nurse with wound

second private session
    – incl. ‘subterranean zappa blues’ (= ‘trouble every day’) (frank zappa)

2000 2cd uk world serpant distribution ud043 cd


steven stapleton
colin potter
peat bog
david tibet

disc 1

  1. sugarbush vs. the swinging snares
  2. optical illusion pad
  3. organophosphorus resistance in studio conditions
  4. a. subteranean zappa blues
    b. my saxy baby
  5. a. chuggin'
    b. codfish
    c. phantom limb (amputation scene)
  6. russolo, a little fella on very ordinary legs
    (on the verge of getting it on)
  7. ernest needs a kidney (live studio jam)
  8. rock 'n roll station (atmospheric karaoke version)

disc 2

  1. rock 'n roll station
  2. the self sufficient sexual shoe
  3. two golden microphones
  4. a silhouette and a thumbtack
    (dance in hyperspace)
  5. r&b through collis browne
  6. finsbury park, may 8th, 1.35 pm
    (i'll see you in another world)
  7. 1.35 pm remix